Transfer Credits Between Jobs – NEW 2019 QBDT Feature

I’m a little let down by the lack of new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019, but there is one that is really exciting and LONG overdue – the ability to transfer credits between different jobs.

You may or may not have had to deal with this, but for those who have, it’s been a real pain. In 2018 and prior versions of QuickBooks Desktop, if you had a credit memo or over payment on one job under the same customer as another, you were unable to use that credit on the other job under that customer. You had to create a credit memo on the job you wanted to apply the credit to and an invoice on the job that had the credit.

BEHOLD – Starting in the 2019 version, you can now apply a credits to outstanding invoices between jobs as long as they are under the same customer. 

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