Hire Penny as the CFO for your small business

Your business is thriving. You have a bookkeeper.

Why are you still on a roller coaster?

If you run a small-to-midsize business, it’s common to feel stuck  — caught in-between hiring a full-time, experienced chief financial officer (CFO) to run the show, and the D.I.Y piecemeal solution you’ve outgrown…

Bring me aboard as your virtual CFO.

I specialize in financial analysis and strategic planning that stabilizes and streamlines the inner workings of your businesses finances . You’re then free to do what you do best — make the big decisions and run your business as only you can.

What do I take care of as your CFO?

  • Tracking cash flow 
  • Financial planning
  • Analyzing your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses 
  • Providing strategic recommendations —  so you can make the right decisions
  • Financial forecasting and budgets
  • Financial report preparation
  • Tracking your PPP funds (and other loans)
  • Support your accounting and administrative staff
  • Providing advice on long-term business and financial planning  —  so you have all the must-have financial information at your fingertips as you make big moves in your business

With me as CFO, you’ll feel empowered to:

  • Confidently price your projects
  • Fully understand every financial statement
  • Make informed decisions to help your business grow, today and in the future
  • And much more…

Choose the level of support you need


Oversight & Reporting

  • 3-6 hours/month
  • Support and oversight
  • Answer your questions
  • Review your financials each month
  • Meet with your bookkeeper to verify books are accurate
  • Meet to prepare reports so you (or your bookkeeper) can present them to important parties
  • VIP scheduling access

CFO Executive Partnership

Limited slots available
(Customized investment)

  • 10+ hours/month
  • Monthly financial report preparation and strategic  meetings
  • Financial consulting and advising
  • Ongoing oversight
  • Support for your accounting staff — reviewing books, preparing reports, and presenting them to important parties
  • And much more – customizable for your needs
  • VIP scheduling access

Want to talk more about how your business can benefit
with me onboard as your CFO?

Let’s chat about what our collaboration could look like and which level of support is right for you and your business!