Top 5 Reasons I love TSheets for Contractors

Top 5 Reasons I Love TSheets Time Tracking for Contractors

There are quite a few time tracking applications out there, here’s why TSheets is my hands-down favorite:

#1 – Amazing Customer Service!  Truth is, every software has a “learning curve”.  For me, the time and frustration involved in learning something new can be a deal-breaker.  Even if I know the application will save me time and frustration in the future (or every day), I’ll put off implementing it to avoid the initial time and frustration involved in getting it set up and working.  For me, the best thing about TSheets is that they are 100% there for you, during implementation and any time you have a question – at no extra charge.  They have live chat with a “call me” button, and they answer the phone 6 am to 7 pm PST.  I’ve always been able to reach someone immediately.  What’s more awesome than this?
#2 – Job-Costing.  TSheets is one of the very few (and most reasonably priced) time-tracking applications that allow for job and item mapping in QuickBooks, which is essential for job-costing payroll and vendor time in QuickBooks.  If you’ve ever entered time sheets into QuickBooks manually, you know what a tedious, time-consuming pain it is.  Eliminating manual entry of time sheets in QuickBooks is my favorite thing to say good-bye to.
#3 – The Crew App.  One of the biggest barriers some contractors have with mobile time tracking by their employees is that not all of their employees have a smart phone, or trustworthy enough to complete their own time cards with the correct job/item.  The Crew App allows a crew leader to clock employees or entire crews in and out in seconds from a mobile device.  Barrier eliminated!
#4 – GPS Tracking.  Ever get the feeling your employees might be fudging their time cards?  Real time GPS tracking = accountability.  Locate your employees in real time, bill your clients with confidence – you’ve got back up.  DOL compliance.  Employees hate it.  Employers love it. Which brings me to #5…
#5 – Save money.  Not only do you save hours every week by avoiding manual entry, your employee’s time cards are more accurate.  No more employees filling out of time cards at the end of the week “remembering” what they were doing when.  No more delays billing customers and processing payroll.   No more fudged time cards.  No more tedious duplicate entry into QuickBooks. 10 minutes a days you pay each employee for not working adds up fast.  Calculate your potential savings here:
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