The End of Time Sheet Data Entry Madness

There’s no way around it: Job-Costing your labor in QuickBooks equals time tracking by job and task (item). 

I don’t know about you, but I dread entering those weekly time sheets into QuickBooks!  It takes forever, and no matter how well I have the time sheets laid out, it’s just a pain. Plus, I am pretty sure the employees just fill them out at the end of the week and attempt to remember what they were doing.  Meaning a good part of what I am doing“>tsheets is not even accurate.

For years, there really was no other way to do it.  Then came mobile phones, Tablets and Tsheets.  I did a lot of research on time tracking applications and I recommend TSheets to all of my clients because it is one of the few time tracking applications that has solved all of the “problems” my contractors’ employees have when it comes to tracking their time in the field accurately and in a timely manner.

One of the biggest issues for many of my Contractors and their project managers is that not all of their employees have smart phones, some don’t even have cell phones.  Problems solved!

  • First of all, you would probably save enough money on casually falsified time cards to pay for smart phones for all of your employees 10 times over. Tsheets was originally created by founder Matt Rissell because he noticed how often his employees casually falsified their time cards – 10 minutes here and there adds up fast.
  • But, even if your employees don’t have smart phones – TSheets has ways around this problem:
    1. Crew Feature – For project managers/supervisors, they can clock in their employees on their Android or IPhone OR
    2. Employees can text or call in their time.

I already know your next question – Yes – Tsheets uploads all of your customer/job and item data from Quick Books and downloads the time sheets in.  Ready for payroll.  Handles Prevailing wage and even allows time entry for vendors.

If you are still entering time manually into QuickBooks, TSheets is worth serious consideration.  Not only does it save YOU the time and headache of entering the time sheets, but your Contractor will love the features like clock in and clock out as well as GPS tracking.  You said you were where, and you were actually where?

It’s rare that I endorse any program this whole-heartedly, but it’s a great product and has phenomenal customer service.

This is a great TSheets video that explains these features about 11 minutes in, the entire video is a great overview of TSheets:

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