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Hourly One-on-One Training

Are you wasting time
being confused?  

Do you want to use reports
but don’t know how? 

Everyday I hop online to help frustrated QuickBooks users all over the world via remote screen sharing. 

  • They finally stop going around in circles with their books.
  • They unlock powerful insights from the reports they need.
  • They learn to provide the reports and numbers their boss or client’s need, with just a few clicks.
  • And they uplevel their bookkeeping skills 

Your time and expertise are too valuable to waste another day noodling around QuickBooks.

Let’s conquer your QuickBooks confusion once and for all, shall we? We’ll figure it all out together. I’ll lead the way!

Purchase One-on-One Training and Save with packages

*Step 1 – Purchase your package.  Step 2 – Schedule your appointment with Penny after purchase.

Migration Support

QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Is it time to make the switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online? While I love both versions of QuickBooks, the online version is NOT the same system at all. Before making the switch it is important to assess your situation carefully to make sure you don’t lose any critical functionality or reporting. 
Once the decision is made, do not go it alone! Intuit makes the process sounds seamless but it IS NOT. There are a plethora of issues that arise, including, but not limited to:
  • Incorrect data transfer
  • Reconciliation woes
  • Confusing bank feeds
  • Drastically different payroll systems
  • Missing functionality or reports
  • Changing workflows
  • Complex integration
  • A whole new learning curve

Get on the schedule for your customized QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Assessment, Report and Recommendation.

Monthly Fixed Fee Support

This is an affordable way to have us on your team! Never waste time trying to figure something out or wondering if your books are in good shape

  • Unlimited support via slack, Email and Loom video
  • Books review and Year end support
  • VIP scheduling
  • Access to all of my training videos
  • One on one Zoom Support
  • Customized price and package for your business– set up a strategy session with me below to get a quote and more information
*Support is provided preferably via private Slack channel or email. I will also answer any question that I can with a quick video and all questions will be answered within 48 business hours outside of 4 weeks per year for vacation not to exceed 2 week continuous period. You will be notified of vacations in advance.
**Subscription must be active for quarterly and year end review and reporting for any period. Corrections and questions may need to be addressed by staff.
*** One on one time can be used for financials review meeting, training or accounting work. Banked hours not to exceed 3 hours, and subscription must be active.
Please note that it is your responsibility to provide all software as well as access to your QuickBooks file, login credentials and any other documentation needed. You are also responsible for the timeliness of your reports and review 

Starting at $500/month

Clean Up & Set Up Services

Do you need to clean up your accounting but don’t know where to start? 

Together we can take a scary and burdensome task and turn it into a powerful and satisfying accomplishment!

Setting up, switching up or cleaning up your accounting system can feel like a daunting task. Sure, you probably CAN do it yourself, but how to find the time while getting your work done and where to even start? 

Your overwhelm is totally warranted

There usually IS a lot involved, things that you may not even recognize or be aware of and if it’s not done right, you could end up in a real mess. 

Get it done as efficiently as possible

Stop spinning your wheels and let my decades of experience help you get it done as efficiently as possible. We can work hand in hand while I walk you through it or I can just get it done for you or a combo of both. 

Either way, together we can take a scary and burdensome task and turn it into a powerful and satisfying accomplishment!

If you are ready for accurate books you can use to confidently make decisions, click below to get on the schedule for an experts books review assessment, report and recommendation.